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dr. Reid Oliver

As The World Keeps Turning

The life and love of Dr. Reid Oliver

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dr. Reid Oliver
Peter is copying my Facebook entries. So if you're not on Facebook, but want to know how I'm doing, please check out the blog Braindumps


Next Friday, May 17, I'll have my last radiation, so fingers crossed my energy will return and I can start writing again!

Bye for now xxxsy

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I truly hope you feel much more like yourself again soon! *Hugs*

Yay, radiation is over. Hang in there, Syl!
Wishing you the best,


Thank you so much xxxx

Dearest Syl,

I hope you are getting better and that your energy level is on the rise! 
I've been through a similar experience in the last couple of years myself, so I can understand & relate to the jumble of emotions and struggle between accepting "what is" and what we subconsciously believe "should be". 

While I was out-of-comission and spending incredibly tedious days in bed, well... LuRe happened! :-)
And your 'Word Soap' was one of the stories I started following but had to abandon early on. I am, however, now fully recovered & intend to bestow the appropriate attention to your wonderful writing <3

A big hug from Portugal & the U.K. - as I bounce between the two countries like a ping pong ball! :D


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