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dr. Reid Oliver

As The World Keeps Turning

The life and love of Dr. Reid Oliver

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Van Hansis Sponsorship Fund
dr. Reid Oliver

FBwalnut hill

Our friends at VanHansis.net came up with the perfect birthday present for Van and the EVHSTeam is happy to team up and spread the word!

Four years ago Van's fans created a scholarship at Walnut Hill, the school for the arts Van attented and loves.

Your donation will be put in a fund that will be available to help students in need with tuition or other fees. In addition, the fund can be used to assist needy students in case of an emergency situation. (For example, if a family emergency arises and the student does not have the money for a plane ticket to get home, this fund can assist them).
All details about this great cause is shared on http://www.vanhansis.net/FAQ.htm

To donate, please go to https://my.walnuthillarts.org/vanhansis
Your name will be listed and made available to Van.

Please join us in celebrating Van's birthday by making it count:-)