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dr. Reid Oliver

As The World Keeps Turning

The life and love of Dr. Reid Oliver

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Change of address
dr. Reid Oliver

Hey you,

As you know, I’m on a break. I needed some time to collect my thoughts and to make some difficult decisions. Because as much as I loved writing the soap, publishing it on three different locations on the web took a lot of my time and energy.

I’ve decided to focus on one place. The Word Soap’s home town, so to speak, at www.sylicious.com/astheworldkeepsturning

So this Monday I will publish a new chapter as promised, but not here. Of course I hope you will find your way to the other location, but if you decide not to follow, please know I have appreciated your support and comments.

I will stick around to read (and comment) other stories. I love this community, I really do. But I love my health too and I needed to reduce some of the work.

Hope to see you on the other (web)site:-)

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Hey Syl, I can certainly understand your quandary and respect your decision. Thanks for getting us all hooked on your story! (hehehehe) I'm glad to hear that you will still visit and comment!

Thanks for understanding. It means a lot! xxx

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