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dr. Reid Oliver

As The World Keeps Turning

The life and love of Dr. Reid Oliver

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164 Breakthrough
dr. Reid Oliver


Word Soap: As The World Keeps Turning
Title:  #164 Breakthrough
Rating: PG13
Summary:  “Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything. It's the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.” - Trey Parker
Big Thanks To: ltklo, for brushing up my grammar

Previously on As The World Keeps Turning: click here for chapters 1 - 163

Her blue eyes fired her anger and although the Foster Monster forced himself to shrug, he did lean back into his chair. Increasing the distance between himself and her passionate anger.

Luke softly lifted the girl back to his lap and kissed her temple.

“It’s okay, sweetie…”

“He’s been hurt enough…” Zoë muttered and both Luke and Reid tapped her leg.

“He has. And we’ll make sure that man will be punished for it,” Reid promised, still in shock. Did she realize what she just did? Danny did.

“You spoke!” Danny clapped his hands and laughed out loud. “Zoë…you spoke!”

With a ‘yeah yeah, don’t make such a big deal out of it’ shrug she smiled at Danny and then the judge took over again. The minute he looked at Danny, the boy put his hand on his sleeve.

“He’s lying. I didn’t like it.”

“I know, sweetie,” Curt Jessup wanted to hug the brave kid, but just tapped the little hand for a moment. “I know.”

Reassured, Danny sat straight again. “Was that it?”

“We’re almost there,” the judge nodded, “The last thing I want to talk about are the other boys after that…”

That one sentence completed changed Danny’s facial expressions. Horror, fear, pain and disgust showed themselves and the boy’s voice was a small whisper now.

“Please…no,” the little hand on the judge’s sleeve was back, but this time with a tight grip. “They will hate me…” he whispered.

“Who? Your daddies?”


Danny looked at Reid and seemed hypnotized by his father’s blue eyes. Without a sound his dad mouthed ‘I love you’ to him, but Danny shook his head. He knew everybody would hate him. He would lose everything. His home, his family…Dawn…

The tears were back and he pulled Mr. Panda close. For some reason he then looked to the other end of the table. Evil Foster Mom lowered her eyes, but the man next to her smirked at him. I always knew you were a coward.

Then Danny noticed something different. A shift. There was a glow behind his Evil Foster Dad and even after he blinked, the light became brighter. Then he smiled. Annie was here.

Emily frowned. The camera had picked up all the emotions on the child’s face, but the reason for the change was not clear.

“What’s happening?” she whispered and she could feel Paul shrug. “I’m not sure. I don’t know who’s in that corner of the room, but he or she is calming him down.”

“Big time,” Emily responded and her pen flew over the paper.

Everybody present in the chamber was wondering the same thing. Everybody but Luke and Reid. They looked at each other and smiled. They knew. Annie was here.

“I had a friend. At school,” Danny’s voice was soft, but firm. “And I made the mistake of talking about him once.”

Mr. Panda was pulled into a hug again. Danny sighed and then continued.

“And then they said I had to invite him…home…” using that word made him shake his head. “They promised they would leave him alone. You deserve a friend to play with, they said. To have some fun. And I believed them.”

The how-could-I’ve-been-so-dumb’ expression was back. So were the tears.

“When Jeffrey stepped into the house, I knew I did wrong,” Danny kept his eyes on the panda. Obviously too scared to watch the reaction on the faces around him.

“My foster.. he made us go into the room…I told Jeffrey to make a run for it, but he didn’t understand. I never told him about…me… how could he have known?”

“What happened with him, Danny?”

The calm voice of Curt Jessup prevented the boy from losing himself in the memories.

“I had to touch him…like the men had touched me…” Danny was crying now, but forced himself to go on. He could feel Annie behind him, encouraging him. Soothing him. Comforting him.

In a outburst of emotion he then looked at his Evil Fosters and yelled: “And I didn’t like it! Not one bit! I hate you! Jeffrey didn’t deserve any of it!”

“What did they do, Danny?”

“They threatened him like they threatened me. That they would kill us and Jeffrey’s little sister if we didn’t do as they told us to do…”

Again the tumult in the courtroom reached the chamber and the judge decided it was enough.

“Thank you for telling this, Danny. You are a very brave boy and I’m proud of you. None of this is your fault, my boy.”

“Did you know about Jeffrey?” Danny whispered, “and about the others we had to bring into the house?”

Jessup nodded. “We found a lot of them, Danny. They are wounded, just like you. They all have the help they need.”

“Is Jeffrey okay?” this whisper was even softer.

“He is.”

“Can you tell him I’m sorry?”

“He’s not angry with you.”

“He’s not?” Surprise was all over Danny’s face.

“No. But he wants to forget. His parents moved to another town recently.”

“Good,” Danny nodded. The obvious avoidance of looking at his fathers was painful and judge Jessup nodded at Reid and Luke.

“You’ve been a great help, Danny. You may step down now.”

Before the boy could do anything, he was lifted to his father’s chest and he heard Reid’s soft voice in his ear. Saying the three words he really didn’t expect to hear.

“I love you.”

“You still do?”

Danny leaned back a little so he could see his dad’s eyes and started crying when he saw the love. He then felt another hand on his back and without leaving Reid’s arms Danny threw himself around Luke’s neck.

“My beautiful boy,” Luke whispered in tears, “You’ve been so brave.” Brown eyes met brown eyes and again Danny looked surprised by the love in it.

“You don’t hate me? I helped…”

“You were forced, Danny,” Luke kissed him on the cheek, “And hate? I love you so much!”

Zoë was silent, but her hand was on Danny leg and her smile was bigger than usual. When the kids looked at each other they just nodded. They didn’t need words.

They all looked up when the two defendants were escorted out. For a moment the woman hesitated. She looked sad. While Luke was lifting Zoë back into her wheelchair, Reid and Danny looked at the Foster Mom from Hell. For a moment their eyes met. Reid narrowed his and Danny turned his head away. Finding solace in the warmth of Reid’s neck. She nodded, as if she knew this couldn’t be fixed. Not now. Not here.

When they stepped back into the courtroom, the family were visibly surprised by the applause that grew into a standing ovation. Admiration and support reached Danny as a tidal wave. Showing him he was loved. Surprise, shyness and sheer relief entered the boy’s eyes and when he saw the familiar faces of the Snyders, he even smiled.

“Now the hell is really over, Daddy,” he whispered in Reid’s ear and the doctor pulled him very close for a moment.

“It is, Brave Heart, it is.”

Reid looked next to him and Luke’s radiant smile made him almost choke up. He maneuvered Danny on his left arm and put his other arm around his partner. Surround by family, friends and strangers they kissed. Short and firm, but also loving and telling. Another chapter closed.

Another crowd, but this time Reid felt quite comfortable. So far dinner had been great. Lucinda had gone beyond her promise. Not only did the menu show all his favorites, but every dish he ordered was double the normal amount.

His kids – he really liked how that sounded – were enjoying their peers in a little children’s section and the special arrangement of tables and chairs gave everybody the opportunity to mingle.

Not that Reid was making use of that. He was just fine where he was. Next to Luke, with the blond’s hand on his leg. The agitation in the brown eyes hadn’t gone unnoticed. Neither had the fact that the tension was building. And Reid knew why. It had been an emotional afternoon, but they hadn’t had any chance to handle it with their normal routine: working off steam.

“I’m so ready to go home,” Luke whispered with a light blush and Reid grinned.

“I know what you mean…”

“And so do I,” a female voice came between them and then they both felt a piece of plastic pushed into their hands.

“Bridal suite,” Lucinda whispered. “We’ll look after the kids. You guys need a break.”

While Reid grinned and gave the woman an approval nod, Luke blushed and lowered his head. But rose to his feet anyway.

Instead of dragging Reid into the elevator – like the doctor had expected – Luke made his way to Danny and whispered something. The boy looked at him for a moment and then nodded.

Reid joined them in time to hear Danny explain to Zoë: “Our daddies would like to be as close as possible. But they’ll be back soon.”

After ruffling the blond locks and the reddish curls he blew the kids a kiss and followed Luke into the hallway. The minute he reached him, the elevator doors opened and with a quick pull he was launched into the small space. Time to worry about it was lacking. Luke’s lips catapulted him into another dimension and he hardly noticed they moved out of the elevator into the room.

All Reid knew and felt was Luke. He vaguely felt he was pushed against the wall, but then the familiar fingers were on his zipper and he zoned out.

“I wish I’d brought some stuff…” Luke groaned, “but I guess a two is better than nothing.”

Reid cracked the code and before Luke could lower himself, Reid caught Luke’s face between his hands and made him look at him.

“I need this as much as you,” he whispered, “so let’s put our money on bodily fluids and go for it…”

Luke gasped. “Are you sure?”

“Would I suggest it otherwise?”

They smiled and then the need, the aggression, the fire was back. Many, many times they’d made love. Taking their time, taking it slow, taking it tender. This was not one of those times. Luke didn’t even ask this time. He stated.

“I’m coming in.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way, Luciano,” Reid grinned in a daze and let Luke take over.

"You guys need a break.”  Lucinda's voice echoed in Reid's head and the last thing he consciously wondered was if their activity would officially be considered ‘taking a break’, but he then concluded he didn’t care about the public opinion. As far as he was concerned, this was the best break he ever had.

I hope to welcome you all back on Monday, July 30th! Thanks for all your support!  

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I'm on my way to a wedding, but had to make time to read this, before today's activities take over. “Now the hell is really over, Daddy,” . Thank goodness. And thank Lucinda, for giving the boys an opportunity to take a break.
You'll have a break too, I hope it's going to be a very good one. I'll check in in august. Enjoy your holiday!

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed the wedding!

OMG Syl, to read this at work isn't the best idea, tearing up, so glad I am that the hell is really over.
Loved that Annie was there to help Danny.
Love Lucinda for giving them their so much needed break.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Thanks! And also thanks for all your ongoing support!

Fabulous finale to this story arc! Have a wonderful vacation. I look forward to seeing you, and your lovely soap opera, back at the end of July. :D

That's good to hear! Thanks for all the lovely comments!

Oh, it's painful to read more of what Danny went through but now it's all out and he's assured that Luke and Reid still love him, so I think life will be better for him. No more secrets.

Such a nice chapter! And enjoy your vacation!

Thank you very much! I agree...I think Danny's life will be better now all the secrets are out.

It is a very well-deserved break. Still we're going to miss you. Enjoy your holiday!

Thank you very much!!!

Thank you for the wonderful update! Hope you get to do something exciting during your break..Can't wait till you return. WE WILL MISS YOU AND OUR FAVORITE SOAP WHILE YOU ARE GONE!

And thank YOU for reading, supporting and commenting.

I don't know about exciting stuff, but I already feel some space (especially in my head) to do other things and tie up some loose ends.

You ended it perfectly!!!!!I'm sorry I doubted you. I should have known better. You would never leave us hanging!!! Have a lovely holiday!!! Don't forget the sunscreen!!!!! I will miss you terribly but I do understand the need for rest & relaxation. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

You're forgiven, hahaha. Thanks for your kind words! See you in four weeks!

Thank you for letting the story take a break on a happy note.
enjoy your holliday

Re: fijne vakantie

I will! Thanks!!!

Great chapter & great ending! I'm gonna miss the daily reading of the story, but you deserve the break. Have a good holiday!

WOW! Beautiful!!! Thanks!!!!

Such a wonderful job of addressing many of the "plot points". I can see this wonderful family looking to the future and all that they can do together.


Thank YOU for all your hard work! Who knew we would end up with 164 chapters! hahahaha. I'm so grateful for your support! Big hug for you! xxx

Wow, what a wonderful chapter, yet again! I made me cry... You described Danny('s feelings) during the hearing so well!
And when Zoe spoke and stood up for him. Precious!

Thank you for the happy ending and enjoy your vacation. You so deserve it after writing these amazing chapters day after day. Are you going abroad for the holiday or taking your chanches here in Holland with the weather ;-)?
Eather way, enjoy your free time, and I'm looking forward to the new updates in August! Fijne vakantie :-)!

I'm staying here. So far so good:-) My skin can't handle too much sun anyway, so I guess I was born in the right country, hehehe. But I just had some toast with strawberries in the sun. It really feels like vacation, hahaha.

Thanks for your kind words! See you in August! xxx

Wonderful chapter. You tied up many areas of the story. Danny found the courage to tell his story and "trust the love" of his daddies.

What I found most heartwarming though was that Danny and Zoe were okay with being left in a party in the care of their extended family so their dads could have their alone time. The kids are learning to trust again.

Yeah, that was very telling, wasn't it? I think trust will continue to be an issue, but this was a huge step forward! Remembering Danny's first reaction on his dads leaving (at Emma's farm) this is quite a quantum leap! xxx

Great job! Hope you have a wonderful vacation! Looking forward to your return.

Thanks! Already back to writing, but also enjoying the break xxx

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