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dr. Reid Oliver

As The World Keeps Turning

The life and love of Dr. Reid Oliver

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160 Impressed
dr. Reid Oliver


Word Soap: As The World Keeps Turning
Title:  #160 Impressed
Rating: PG
Summary:  “Whatever makes an impression on the heart seems lovely in the eye.” - Sa'Di
Big Thanks To: ltklo, for brushing up my grammar

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So she didn’t speak and she couldn’t write yet… Lydia Wilson was not overwhelmed. On the contrary. She was thrilled. She liked a challenge and her small class was just that. A challenge.

She watched Danny focusing on his little project of the day. He was so endearing and captivating, but his scars were deep and dark. Sometimes he showed a glimpse of them and even those little fragments had broken her heart.

And Hallie. Smart, extroverted, but very strong-willed and stubborn. She looked like an angel, but Lydia wasn’t fooled. And speaking of angels, her newest addition to her classroom earned that title too. The reddish blond curls and the striking blue eyes gave this little girl a special aura that didn’t match the standoffish demeanor and the pure dismissal Lydia could feel. Leave me alone.

Miss Lydia smiled. A challenge indeed. And she was so ready for some provocation. After a stupid roadside bomb had claimed the life of her husband and simultaneously her reason for living, Lydia had been in a fog. The request to be the home tutor to a little – wounded – boy had felt like divine intervention. And now here she was. With not one but three little kids and a full life because of them.

After Luke – she’d never called him that out loud, but to her he’d been Luke from the start – had informed her about Zoë, she had gathered all the information she could to find some helpful exercises to figure out what was going on in the girl’s mind and the current assignment had Zoë completely concentrating. Lydia had asked her to make a drawing of her family before ‘the accident’. And the girl wasn’t portraying anything that actually looked like her, except for the curls and the blue eyes.

Feeling she was watched, Miss Lydia looked up and met Luke’s eyes. She gave him a quick smile that he didn’t return.

“I’m going for some coffee,” Luke stood up and softly tapped Will on his shoulder. “Miss Lydia, could you join me for a moment?”

“Sure,” she smiled again. This was one of the things she liked about her employer. He was very sensitive and involved, so his “What’s going on?” after they reached the kitchen didn’t come as a surprise.

“Zoë is drawing herself without a mouth,” she said and his frown deepened.

“That’s not good,” Luke muttered and Lydia nodded.

“Something else is bothering me too,” she continued, “She drew a cat, but not her parents.” She accepted the coffee mug and shrugged. “I’m not sure what it means yet, but it bothers me.”

Luke nodded in thought and then smiled at her.

“You’re doing a great job. With all of them.”

“Thanks. It’s great to combine my two passions. Somehow being a teacher wasn’t enough, but being a child therapist didn’t fit the bill either. So this is perfect.”

Luke’s smile broadened. “I’m glad. We couldn’t do this without you.”

He then remembered something.

“My uncle will be joining us for lunch. I expect him in an hour.”

“I’ll make sure we’ll be ready for a break by then,” Lydia nodded and opened the door, so Luke could enter with a mug in each hand.

“Ah,” Will leaned back in his chair after accepting his coffee, “Good timing.”


“This is my uncle, Seth Snyder. Uncle Seth, this is Lydia Wilson.”

While the two adults shook hands, Luke was surprised by Lydia’s obvious confusion.

“I never realized…” she blushed.

“What?” Seth send her his calm smile, but it seemed to have an opposite effect.

“The family name should have been a clue, but I I I I never…” Lydia took a deep breath, realizing she was stammering. “I have all your books.”

Luke tried to suppress his grin. So that’s why she looked so star struck. She was!

“I’m flattered,” Seth smiled again and decided to make his way to the kitchen to breach the somewhat tense atmosphere.

“My mother went to school with you…” Lydia was repulsed by her own shaky voice, but before she could finish her sentence she noticed a teasing look between Luke and his uncle.


“You just made me feel very old,” Seth explained without a hint of real annoyance.

“Oh boy,” she blushed again, “I’d better shut up…”

“Please don’t,” Seth pulled a chair back for her and she sat down after a quick nod. “Luke praises you to the skies, so I’m glad to finally meet you.”

“Thank you,” Lydia’s blush seemed permanent by now, “I hope you don’t believe what they say about first impressions.”

They all chuckled and then – unknowingly – Danny saved his tutor by attracting the attention.

“Daddy?” Danny chewed his sandwich with a passion.

“Yes, sweetie?”

“Can I show Dawn to Miss Lydia and Hallie after lunch?”

Luke tried to look firm, but the plea in his son’s eyes touched his heart.

“You know our agreement, Danny.”

“I do…” the boy lowered his head, “but they haven’t seen her yet…”

“I guess you have a point,” Luke said and the boy looked up. His face full of hope. “But just this once. We agreed that Dawn wouldn’t interfere with school work.”

Danny nodded. “Promise, Daddy. Just this once.”

“A bit of fresh air is good for us anyway,” Lydia smiled. “Helps the concentration.”

“True,” Seth nodded, “Especially in nature. After moving out here I realized how much I missed that.”

“You had Central Park,” Luke teased and Seth grinned.

“Not quite the same. I know the little forest behind my house isn’t huge, but it’s big enough to escape in.”

“The smell of pine,” Lydia smiled.

“Exactly,” Seth narrowed his eyes for a moment. He’d felt an immediate connection with this woman and her remarks emphasized why. He glanced at her fingers and was strangely disappointed by the wedding ring. He felt like snorting. Her mother went to school with him! She was way too young anyway.

Unaware of his uncle’s musings, Luke noticed Zoë’s aloof expression and raised an eyebrow.

“Would you like another sandwich, sweetie?”

The girl shook her head, looking straight at him without any noticeable emotions. The folding of her arms was telling. She was in protest. But about what?

“Did you like the sandwich?”

The small nod was a big reward.

“So what’s up with the arms?” Luke folded his arms too and for a split second amusement reached the blue eyes in front of him.

She then pointed at Danny, who looked startled.

“What did I do?”

She moved her arm in a vague gesture, but Luke cracked the code.

“You don’t want to go to Dawn.”

Zoë nodded, looking defiant.

“That’s okay. I’ll stay here with you.”

The girl looked surprised and a lot happier. Luke grinned. His daughter really didn’t like horses. It made him think of Zoë’s other daddy. Like about everything in life made Luke think about Reid. He took out his phone and rose to his feet.

“I’ll be right back.”

“Good timing,” Reid sighed in Luke’s ear and it made the blond smile.

“Bad day?”

“Not really bad, just busy. Hearing your voice…I don’t know…it’s just good.”

“I know, same here.”

“I could use another shower,” Reid’s voice dropped in volume and sound and Luke felt flushed, thinking about their shared ‘wet moments’ this morning.

“Me too,” he whispered. “I miss you so much. How bizarre is that?”

“Hey…it would be more bizarre if you didn’t. I mean… it’s me we’re talking about.”

“True. What was I thinking…”

“You were thinking shower,” Reid chuckled, “You’re forgiven.”

Luke groaned. “I could think up some excuse and come over there…”

“Don’t. If nothing comes up, I’ll be home soon. Three cancellations. Speaking of good timing.”

“That sounds perfect,” Luke sighed. “We still have to talk to Danny, remember?”

“I know,” Reid sounded tired. “It’s on my Don’t Wanna Do list.”

Despite everything, Luke chuckled.

“I love you.”

“Love you, Looker. I’ll be home soon.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

“Naked would be good.”

“In front of the kids? And Will? And Lydia? And Seth?”

Reid sighed. “I guess I’ll be waiting too then.”

“Think shower,” Luke teased.

“Have mercy,” Reid groaned.

“Maybe. Bye.”

Before the connection was broken, Luke heard Reid making a kissing sound and it made him smile. He was ready for the next part of the day now.

Junky much? He bit his lip. His addictive behavior was a fact, but for what it was worth, Reid was the best drug he could imagine.

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Reid is definitely a good "drug of choice" for Luke. ;)

I love how all the characters in this story are becoming linked in fun and creative ways.

Looking forward to more.

Three days more to come:-) Thanks for your kind words xxx

Zoe will be a challenge for all of them. Her inability or unwillingness to speak is frightening. She seems far less trusting than Danny was in her new surroundings.

Great work. I've finally caught back up with this.

Yeah, she's a whole different character! Wonder where this all will lead us:-)

Zoe sure is something. I just hope she does open up and trust everyone more.

Danny loves his horse; why am I not surprised? Hee.

And did I read about a shower? A Luke and Reid shower? HOT.

Another good one!

Great chapter. Lydia is a very cool OC - I enjoy her POV of the kids and am amused by her being kind of a spazz with Seth.

I'm glad you liked! It's always fun to introduce a new face:-)

Great epi, Love Lydia's reaction to Seth.

Luke is def. not the only one who's addicted to the drug called Reid.

Hahaha, no he's not! :-)))

Luke is def. not the only one who's addicted to the drug called Reid.

Isn't that the truth :)

I love all the attention in this chapter to Danny and Zoe.

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